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Photo of Mike Jetter for Real Estate Drone Photography Article

Photo Courtesy Mike Jetter Aerials

My real estate photographer has been using drones for several years now to provide Marin County and San Francisco Bay Area home buyers with a “bird’s eye view” of my luxury home listings. I compiled the video above featuring some of my favorite drone shots from my current listings and thought I would share it here on my blog as well as discuss some of the benefits of real estate drone photography.

Drones, classified and licensed as “unmanned aircraft” by the Federal Aviation Administration, have decreased in cost while quality has greatly improved. Professional drone photographers are capturing stunning footage that in the past was only possible from manned aircraft, such as this one of the Golden Gate Bridge:

And this one of San Francisco fireworks featuring footage shot inside the explosions:

Benefits of Real Estate Drone Photography

While not suitable for all properties, for homes situated on larger lots the benefits include:

  • Drones can showcase the entire property so prospective clients can see it in relation to its surroundings.
  • Drone footage allows home buyers to see the surrounding neighborhood and homes
  • What the drive or walk home might be like, and view neighborhood amenities such as parks and playgrounds.
  • For properties adjoining open space, such as my listing at 215 Locust in San Rafael, drones can provide a bird’s eye view of that space.
  • Drone photography can also add drama to a property video, showing an aerial approach, soaring over a roofline or approaching a front door for example.
  • In some cases, drones can be used inside the home to “fly through” especially large rooms and spaces.

As technology evolves, real estate agents are looking at how to best present their properties. In another blog article I covered the exciting potential of virtual reality headsets, which may one day allow home buyers to “walk through” properties while standing thousands of miles away. With my listing at 124 Lily Street in San Francisco, we used a 3D Tour to let buyers walk through the different levels of that home. I continue to test different approaches to see what resonates with Bay Area home buyers.

As buyers become more technologically savvy, real estate marketers will need to lead the way in presenting their properties in the best light possible. Increasingly time-starved buyers may not be satisfied simply looking at still photography of larger properties and are expecting to see videos that paint a picture of the homes before they invest their time in a visit. Every single one of my listings features a video, without exception.

If you want to read more about the increasing popularity of drone photography in real estate marketing, please check out this article in the San Jose Mercury news.


Here’s an aerial tour of Corte Madera shot by Mike Jetter Aerials LLC with a drone:

Compelling photography and videography is one of the hallmarks of the service I offer my clients. For more information, please call me at 415.847.5584.

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  1. Ridley Fitzgerald
    Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    Drone photography for real estate sounds great. I know for me, buying a home that I have seen from every angle would be a lot easier. Like you said too, drones could actually fly into the home!


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