2024 Luxury Home Trends: Hotel Style at Home

Excerpted from the Sotheby’s International Realty Luxury Outlook 2024

2024 Luxury Home Trends view of primary bedroom in Seattle

Sotheby’s International Realty is the leader in luxury real estate marketing. Luxury home buyers are looking for primary suites that offer luxury hotel-like experiences at home.

A luxury-hotel stay is the ultimate sensory escape. So it’s no wonder homeowners and designers alike are looking to hotels for their home-design cues. “The term ‘resimmercial’ is going around the design community,” says Young Huh of Young Huh Interior Design and Cosentino Design Alliance member. “It’s essentially the concept of blurring the lines between commercial and residential design to create a home experience with elements of hospitality you might see in a spa or a luxury hotel.”

Private residences are infusing both a sanctuary-like feel to attend to self-care needs as well as an element of leisure to everyday living. It’s a trend with which Jim Tinson, AIA, CEO, Hart Howerton, is very familiar. His firm, which consists of architects, planners, landscape architects, and interior designers, works on projects that span the residential, commercial, and hospitality markets—designing everything from hotels and private clubs to residential communities, private homes, and institutions.

“What we talk about is designing complete environments; everything we do informs the other,” Tinson says.

His clientele no longer draws a distinction between their vacation accommodations, private clubs, or primary residences, he says. “They’re well-traveled: They’ve seen the best things; they’ve been to the best places” and they’re referring to those places when deciding how to design their homes, Tinson says.

“We bring elements of leisure to primary living and then create destination homes that basically reflect a mobile lifestyle,” he says. “There’s a focus on elevated amenities and hospitality experiences baked into private homes.”

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“ We bring elements of leisure to primary living and then create destination homes that basically reflect a mobile lifestyle…There’s a focus on elevated amenities and hospitality experiences baked into private homes.”

Jim Tinson AIA, CEO, Hart Howerton

Luxury home trends bedroom as suite

Hotel-Style Suites

Instead of standard secondary bedrooms, Tinson’s clients are asking for complete suites, “so that guests walk in and feel like they’re staying with the graciousness of a high-end hotel.” Subsequent bedrooms are designed in exactly the same ways: with en-suite, comfortable bathrooms, closets, and black-out shades in the fashion in which Tinson’s firm designs hotel rooms.

Kitchenette photo with brown cabinets and small appliances

In-Room Kitchenettes

“Every client right now is looking for a morning kitchen or wet bar in their [primary bedroom] suite as well as guest rooms,” Tinson says. This could be a below-counter fridge or a coffee station. “They want the kind of hospitality experience they would get at a hotel delivered to their home.” Even the ability to grab a bottle of water or juice—or make a cup of coffee without having to go to the kitchen.

women in spa bathtub with flowers reading

Spalike Experiences

From curbless showers to stand-alone tubs to indoor-outdoor showers set in a garden, primary bathrooms are becoming more and more like spa retreats. For Huh, a spa bathroom can be achieved with something as simple as a luxurious bathtub and a neutral, calming color palette. Then there are wellness rooms with hot and cold plunges and infrared saunas. “We’ve even designed massage rooms with outside access, so a therapist could come in from the outside,” Tinson says.

luxury home trends 2024 article pool table family room

Family Zones

Today’s hotels feature fun zones the entire family can use simultaneously. “In the old days, we would create spaces just for kids; now we’re designing family entertainment destinations with a game room, indoor-outdoor pool tables, bowling, and a golf simulator,” Tinson says. And clients are requesting these same family zones in their own homes.

luxury home trends 2024 article home cocktail bar

Complete Cocktail Bars

Home bars are going way beyond the roll-up cart or basement-afterthought variety and venturing into full hotel-bar experiences. For example, Tinson designed a hotel-worthy cocktail bar for a client that felt more like a real bar with racks overhead and seating. “My client wanted to be able to entertain guests in a hospitality-type environment in the comfort of home,” Tinson says.

luxury home trends 2024 article mud room

Ski-Boot / Mud Rooms

Anyone who’s gone to a five-star ski resort knows part of the beauty is in the boot room. Now, these same swanky storage facilities are being installed in private residences. They might look like expansive mud rooms that are designed with features such as heated lockers, boot warmers, and ample equipment storage, Tinson says.

In luxury homes here in Marin County, I often see dog washing stations and laundry facilities incorporated in these rooms.

Marin County Luxury Real Estate Trends

Now I would like to add a few trends to the above article to highlight what I am seeing in Marin County luxury real estate.

luxury home trends 2024 article home dog bath

Professional-Quality Dog Baths

Residents in Marin County are passionate about their dogs. Chances are if you dine at any of our local restaurants, you will see a dog or four accompanying their humans. I am seeing more homes incorporate professional-quality dog baths in the mud rooms, garages or laundry rooms. These allow dogs to be quickly rinsed off after one of our gorgeous Marin County hikes before entering the rest of the home.

“I love our dog bath!” said my friend and client Jim T. in San Rafael recently. He and his partner walk their Bernedoodle many times a day and have found that the dog bath saves them a lot of time each time they return home.

media room with blue sofa and large screen display

High-End Media Rooms

Residents in Marin County are also passionate about entertainment, from the San Francisco Ballet to what they view in their own homes. While some are content to place a TV on a table and call it a day, I am seeing more and more ultra-high-end media rooms with professional-quality sound systems and astounding displays.

(Pictured above: 26 Woodside Way in Ross, California.)

Home wine tasting room and cellar

Wine Cellars with Tasting Amenities

It is no surprise that many Marin County homeowners enjoy wine given our proximity to some of the finest wine regions in the world. True wine aficionados are building not just wine cellars but entire wine rooms with tasting amenities such as tables, chairs, decanters, wine books, and more. These spacesa are created for residents and guests to savor and discuss wines in an envrionment one might find at a luxury wine tasting room in Napa.

(Pictured above: 611 Fairway Drive in Novato, California.)

In Conclusion

Now more than ever home is thought of as a sanctuary, and home buyers, builders and designers are thinking of its evolving importance in our lives. With more and more people taking “staycations” right in their own homes, they desire some of the amenities they have experienced traveling the world and experiencing luxury hotels and resorts. I believe this trend will continue as the importance of home continues to build in the coming years.

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