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Last Updated on 1/18/2021

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The COVID-19 Vaccine is Rolling Out Gradually in Marin County as Supplies Permit

COVID-19 Vaccine in Marin: Help is On the Way!

Pretty much everyone I know is excited about the COVID-19 vaccines now being deployed throughout the country. Here in Marin County, the rollout is underway, albeit with a slow start, but that is expected to change in the coming months. The Centers for Disease Control has recommended states follow a phased approach and regularly updates their guidance here.

The state of California operates a website ( with the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines in California, including a very useful page that provides information by county and region:

If you’re curious about vaccinations by state, Bloomberg updates this website daily with the latest information:

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When Can I Get My COVID-19 Vaccine in Marin County?

The Marin County public health agency (Marin Health and Human Services) is responsible for tracking current infections as well as in formulating plans for the deployment of the vaccine. A great place to start is their website (

The COVID-19 Marin Vaccine Status page of their website ( is updated daily and tells residents of Marin which tier we are in and who is eligible to be vaccinated. Despite some recent hiccups they are ramping up quickly.

New: Click here to see the latest schedule of COVID-19 vaccinations in Marin County.

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How Will I Know When It’s My Turn?

A great way to stay informed is to click the button above to subscribe to email updates from the Marin Health and Human Services department. I receive regular emails on the vaccination schedule in Marin County, which has been a moving target since the outset.

If you are a member of Kaiser Permanente in Marin County, you may visit their COVID-19 vaccine status website here: They now operate a 24-hour hotline at 855-550-0951 with the latest information on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Make sure you have signed up for email alerts with Kaiser Permanente on their website so you are alerted when it is your turn. Kaiser members may also avail themselves of the public vaccination clinics operated by the Marin Health and Human Services department – an additional option available to them.

NEW: To schedule a vaccination appointment with Kaiser, call 866-454-8855 and follow the voice prompts.

An Important Note

I am a real estate agent in Marin, not a doctor, and do not intend any of the above as medical advice. Rather, these are the public resources I have found to keep myself informed on the availability of COVID-19 vaccine in Marin County. If you have a health emergency, dial 911, and always seek the advice of your physician if you are in doubt about any health concern.

Also- the vaccine situation is changing hourly as public health agencies learn more. That is why it is so important to subscribe to public health updates to stay informed. 

Wishing you health and happiness!

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